Color Sprint

Color Sprint 03


In this game the player uses the touch screen to jump and avoid obstacles while gathering items and making combos to maximize the score. But there’s a catch! Toggle the character’s color to avoid the opposing color.

This is my first published game for iOS. I used it for learning how to publish games in the App Store and also how to use Google’s AdMob inside the game. It was made in Unity 4.3.

The controls are:

  • Left size screen touch: jump.
  • Right side screen touch: change color.



Color Sprint 01 Color Sprint 03 Color Sprint 04 Color Sprint 02 Color Sprint 05


United Games – Análise – Color Sprint (in Portuguese)


Diego Barboza (Programming/Game Design)

Some art by:
- chumbucket –
- Robert D. Fearon –

Music by:
- BoxCat Games –